NCE quad speaker bass reflex Sound bar is a game changer

Isn’t it disappointing, no, make that frustrating, when you fork out a heap of dough for a 12-volt television for your caravan or camper and find the sound quality is less than perfect. It’s a very common complaint with RV televisions these days. New TVs are thin, which is great for weight and space, but not so great for speaker quality.

Imagine this: You’ve driven for hours to get to your favorite camp spot, found the perfect site and set up your caravan or camper, you’ve got your best chair and your esky in place, your television hooked up and you have adjusted your antenna to get the perfect reception signal, all just in time to watch the footy or cricket or even your favorite television show or movie.

You turn it on and hit the volume button, and all you get is a hollow, tinny, high pitched din from your television speakers instead of the real-life commentator’s voice you’re used to hearing. You connect the sound to the outside caravan speakers and, same problem.

Fear not! We’ve got the perfect solution, the NCE QUAD SPEAKER BASS REFLEX sound bar, and it’s a game changer. 

Soundbars can provide much better sound for your television, especially for older TVs. They’re also a great solution for smaller rooms where surround sound isn’t suitable, or for outdoor use where sound gets lost in open space.

According to their website: “The bass reflex enclosure generates strong bass sounds not normally found in such a compact system. Its unique 12V power input makes it easy to enhance the sound of your TV. Simply plug the Soundbar into a 12V power source and connect to the TV using the RCA output or Headphone Jack. The included brackets are designed to suit many TV’s, and allow you to mount the Soundbar to the TV or place the rubber feet on a flat surface such as a shelf or cabinet.”

We’ve tested the NCE Soundbar personally and we love it. It’s so simple to install and use. The power can piggyback off the television power source so no additional bulky transformers or awkward cords. The bass is amazing from what is such a light and compact little unit and we even use it to listen to our music when we’re not watching telly.

If you’re looking to upgrade the sound of your television you can’t go past the NCE Soundbar It’s a winner. 

Thanks to our great mates at NCE, Caravan Camping Australia will be giving away one of these great Soundbars to one lucky member. Keep an eye out on the group and page for more details.

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