NCE 23L Flatbed Microwave Oven

Okay, hands up all of you who at some time have forgotten to secure the turntable in your microwave before hitting the road? (Picture me with my hand up. I’m a serial offender so we’ve had to replace 2 glass turntable plates).

Well with the latest flatbed microwave from NCE, securing the turntable is no longer something you have to worry about.

The main reason we agreed to trial the NCE microwave was because we were genuinely interested in buying a flatbed oven for our caravan and although not having a turntable and roller guide is a biggie, that’s not the only feature of this oven.  Because there’s no turntable, the oven has much more useable cooking area than a standard oven of the same capacity. This means you can have a smaller, lighter oven with the same cooking capacity of a much larger, heavier oven. This is a huge advantage when it comes to weight and payload, every kilogram helps.


We expected the oven to operate the same as any other microwave, same features, same styling, etc. but we were pleasantly surprised by how well this oven works.

The back wall of the oven has a diamond cut pattern which NCE claim enhances the reflection of microwaves to improve efficiency and give a more even cooking result. We tested this claim with the standard bowl of baked beans, heating one bowl in our old oven (same capacity and rated output) and an identical bowl in the Flatbed oven and the results were impressive.

The flatbed oven produced a more even heat and no cold pockets. We repeated the test with a cup of water and a readymade meal, same result.

The oven has all the standard features, auto cooking menus, 11 power levels, timer and quick start functions, time and weight defrost and a memory function. All of these features work well and are easy to configure.

But by far the best feature of the oven is how easy it is to clean. Without the turntable and roller, it’s so simple to wipe out after use. And no little nooks around a turntable drive to trap all the little bits of food and grime.

All in all this is a fantastic little oven and we highly recommend you consider having a look at one if you’re contemplating upgrading your existing microwave.

Thanks to our great mates at NCE, we will be giving away one of these fantastic Flatbed Microwave Ovens to one lucky member. Keep an eye out on the group and page for further details next week.

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